Bacon Stir Fry

Bacon Stir-Fry

In the morning, a tasty breakfast can lead to a beautiful day. So the bacon stir fry would be a good item for the breakfast. We can say that it is bacon stir fry best for paleo breakfast. You will be very happy to know that the bacon stir fry is very healthy, nutrients and more helpful for your body.  It also contains vitamin c and lutein which are essential for the eyes.  It can change your personal life style. The benefits of the bacon stir fry are uncountable. By eating this recipe, anyone can control his blood sugar.  This food is also so tasty. So, at the same time you can get a healthy and tasty food. I think you will be amazed and will feel very lucky by cooking it. Anyone can share this meal with his guests.  I am very happy for sharing with you this kind of healthy recipe. One thing I want to tell you that it is need only 20 minutes to cook. So let’s cook the recipe.

Bacon Stir-Fry



1.    7-8 bacons slice, nicely diced
2.    Half yellow onion nicely diced
3.    1 sweet potato and zucchini, nicely diced
4.    7 beans and 1 avocado
5.    For taste fresh ground black pepper


How to cook:

It is very easy to cook. You just need to know some instructions of cooking and have to follow the rules. Anyone can be a good cook if one follows the right instructions. Let’s begin…
1.   At first, cook very carefully the chopped bacon by the medium skillet over the medium low heat.
2.    When the fat will be drained from the bacon, set the bacon aside.
3.    After this, heat a large sauté pan at the medium high heat.
4.    Add 1 table spoons bacons fat from the bacon pan.
5.    And also add the onion and sweet potato.
6.    Stirring well and items until the onions begin to turn translucent and the potato is soften slightly. ( Required time may be 12-15 minutes).
7.    Now add the zucchini and beans in the sweet potato mixed.
8.    Cook until that seems green.
9.    Finally combine the bacon and vegetables.
10.  Then give the freshly ground black pepper and top with the avocado to serve the Bacon Stir-Fry for paleo breakfast.

I think you have been able to prepare the breakfast dish by following above the rules. Now you can serve towards your family and guests. If you like the Bacon Stir-Fry recipe, you can add the dish on your list of breakfast. Overall, the Bacon Stir-Fry recipe will be helpful to keep you and your family healthy and cure.



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