Fruit salad with organic apple citrus cinnamon

Paleo Fruit salad recipe

Fruit salad with apple citrus cinnamon is one of the best recipes for the paleo breakfast. This recipes could be an ideal paleo breakfast recipe. For the diet, control the fruit salad with apple citrus cinnamon is much helpful. It is perfect when the special guests have come to visit at the holiday or just any of the days. This paleo recipe is easy and very fast to cook.  When it is cooked, the spice and the citrus cinnamons perfume spread out all over the kitchen. Fresh and bright oranges, sweet crisp, honey crisp from apple, fresh lemon juice, soothing cinnamon are very delicious elements to cook this paleo diet recipe. Crunchy, buttery, low sweet accent on grade B with maple syrup, raw walnuts are also delicious elements. When this tasty and delicious elements or item are mixed together for cooking, a new flavor is created and spread out the kitchen. This fruit with organic apple citrus cinnamon salad is mainly served for the low fat dessert and nutritional and health purpose. So let’s start today’s paleo breakfast recipe .


Paleo Breakfast recipe

What we need to cook

  1. One large honey crisp apple, organic.

  2. One large Granny Smith apple, organic.

  3. Three table spoons raisins (gold or black or mixed)

  4. Three/four table spoons cinnamon (as you like add more)

  5. Two large juiced lemons.

  6. Two  table spoons maple syrup grade B (or to taste)

  7. One /two- three/four cup of raw walnuts, organic.

  8. Two-three table spoons cold squeezed flax oil, organic / unholy.

  9. Two  medium oranges and  organic with one/four table spoons orange zest (it is optional)

Elective additions:

1. A cayenne or a dash for a spicy intonation.

2. For even healthier fats a chopped avocado.
3. Persimmon, grapefruit, pomegranate, and pear are some more chopped of seasonal fruit.

4. A few amount of vanilla extract.
5. A few flax seeds or chia.



  1. At first, the apples need to be diced.

  2. Add the diced apples to the large mixer bowl and add the lemon juice.

  3. After that, slice and peel up your orange.

  4. Then add the orange and bit a curry orange zest (that is optional) on the bowl.

  5. Add the raisins, maple syrup, cinnamon and maple  to the bowl.

  6. Rock/toss this thing perfectly and carefully.

  7.  At the last time, add one table spoons flax oil.

  8. Rock/toss the entire item perfectly, pour on the bowl and taste the recipe.

When the recipe will complete, you find a beautiful flavor. Now you can serve this paleo breakfast food for your family or for the special guests.

I think you will happy by eating the fruit salad with organic apple citrus cinnamon at the breakfast. It is not only a paleo breakfast recipe but also a healthy, nutritious and tasty recipe.  This kind of food protects us from the dangerous disease like cancer, diabetes, over fat and others. So, start to cook this paleo diet recipe.



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Paleo Fruit salad with organic apple citrus cinnamon
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