Paleo Breakfast | Duck Confit sweet potato hash

Paleo Breakfast

One day, we decided to take our breakfast outside of our home. We went to a restaurant situated beside our home. We ordered a paleo breakfast food. The waiter offered us to take duck confit sweet potato hash. He told us that this paleo was very tasty to eat and very much healthy. That day we enjoyed the food very much. I decided to cook this paleo food for breakfast and I was successful. My cousin helped me to cook this food and he told me about the health benefit of it.

Today I am going to  share with you about the usefulness and the benefits of this paleo breakfast as well as how to cook this food.

Paleo breakfast recipes

Health benefit:

Duck confit sweet potato hash is helpful for the blood sugar control and diabetes. This paleo diet is also protecting us from many big diseases like cancer and skin diseases. If anyone eats this paleo breakfast regularly, one never falls in diseases. For growing physical, intellectual and mental health, a child needs to eat this food regularly. A food researcher says that the paleo diet is full of sugar, fats and tastes.  Let’s start cooking.


Here we need the hash which is used instead of the white potatoes. Especially the white potato is avoided in the paleo breakfast.  But beside from it, the taste of the sweet potatoes with fatty, duck meat is the most beautiful than the white potatoes. The duck confit is cooked by the salt curing a fragment of meat (may be pork, duck or dark) and poach that of its own fat. The meat is grazed with the garlic, salt and the herbs and is then enveloped and refrigerated up to 35/36 hours. The duck confit is ever sold in the cans but the individual legs are able to find in any grocery store.

If you have found some duck confit, start the process to make this paleo breakfast named the duck confit sweet potato hash.


So at first you need to collect some sweet potatoes.

paleo breakfast

Then shuck them carefully.

Paleo Breakfast

After that dice them .

Paleo diet recipes

Snap an onion. Revel it up, hew down some fresh spinach/parsley.

Paleo Breakfast recipes

Let’s start cooking the duck confit sweet potato hash.

What is needed to cook:

  1. Two legs of confit legs. (Nearly five Oz everyone).

  2. Three cups reveled sweet potato/yam.(nearly two medium or three small)

  3. Two cups reveled red onion.(nearly one medium onion)

  4. One/four cup finely chopped leaf spinach/parsley.

  5. One/two cloves garlic, minced

  6. One tbs lard, duck fat or any other fat you can choice.

  7. One/two tbs kosher salt.

  8. One/four tbs black pepper.

  9. Two/four eggs, poached otherwise you can add sunny side up(optional)

  10. Aleppo pepper(optional)


How to cook this paleo breakfast:


  1. At first heat a pan on medium-high until it is hot.

  2. After that add one tbs fat and also add duck legs, skin side down, on the pan.

  3. Cauterize for two minutes and turn the heat down impiety.

  4. Continue the heat for about five or more minutes to the render some of the fat from to the crisp the skin and the duck breasts.

  5. Turn the ducks legs and continue the heat next five-seven minutes until the heated through.

  6. Remove that heated ducks breasts to a plate and cover by the foil to keep warm.

  7. Sauté that revel sweet potato, garlic(optional), onions, salt and pepper in the hot fat for the fifteen minutes.

  8. Then add one/four of the sliced parsley about the halfway through. You also need to adjust the heat or cover the pan to assure the vegetables cook but need to burn.

  9. When the veggies are cooking that you can slice the duck confit from bones and strip it up.

  10. If the sweet potato hash complete then adjust the seasoning if you need.

  11. Separate between two-four plates and top with the duck confit.

  12. Spatter with sliced parsley.

  13. Top with some of poached or sunny-side-up the eggs and also some pepper for a little kick and the color.


You can eat the duck confit hash with two eggs, If you are hungry. It is really on of the best paleo breakfast diet recipe. If you do not want the duck confit or you cannot search it or simply want that something less valuable this dish would be great with any other type of meat that you might have or served simply by some eggs.

I explained everything if you need any extra information please feel free to ask and also welcome you have any idea that can make this paleo breakfast more tasty and healthy Please don’t for get to share with us.




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