Paleo Style Western Omelet

Western Omelet recipe

Everyone wants to keep body fit and wants to get a happy life. So we need a good diet plan to keep healthy body. Paleo diet is now our modern diet. Western omelet is now one of the best paleo breakfast foods to the people who are following the paleo diet plan. It is an omelet made food which is usually mixed with diced ham, bell pepper, tomato onion etc. Western omelet is also known as Denver omelet. I am so excited to share with you, Western Omelet recipe for paleo Breakfast.

Paleo Breakfast

Here’s what to need…

Four eggs

One tea spoon coconut oil

Half Yellow onion, nicely diced

One bell pepper, nicely diced

One medium tomato, nicely diced

One cup spinach

Quarter lb ham, cooked and diced

Fresh ground black pepper to taste

Sea salt


To cook Western Omelet for paleo breakfast we have to pursue the following steps to complete. Here’s what to do…

  1.  First of all, we have to wash vegetables, then chop nicely and put aside.

  2. Crack all eggs into a bowl and beat it very well, then put it aside.

  3. Now we have to heat non-stick skillet over medium heat. When it will get hot, add coconut oil to the pan.

  4. After getting the pan hot, pour half of the beaten eggs into the skillet and coat the bottom of the pan.

  5. When the egg has set partially scrape the edges, tip the pan.

  6. Spread the uncooked part of the egg at the top to the hot cooking surface of the skillet.

  7. After the moment add ½ of the vegetables and ham to one half of the omelet.

  8. Now we have to continue to cook until the egg is almost fully set.

  9. With the spatula, fold the empty half over the top of the ham and veggies. We have to wait two minutes longer for cook. When it’s complete, we can serve our favorite Western Omelet for Paleo Breakfast.

Western Omelet is one of the best diets of Paleo diet recipes. We can do the same process with the rest of the ingredients to cook the second omelet. So don’t lose time to include this yummy recipe into your breakfast list.




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